(10)He looked up and saw the bee fly into a hole.

We see many geese fly towards the North.
Thank you for flying with ABC Airlines. (ABC航空をご利用いただきありがとうございます)
fly economy (class):エコノミークラスで飛ぶ
Time flies.(光陰矢の如し)
Rumors are flying.(噂が広まっている)

(11)“I don’t suppose the bees would mind if I borrowed a little honey,” said Pooh as he began to climb the tree.
I don’t suppose (that) she’ll come. = I don’t think (that) she’ll come.
「suppose」は「if」の代わりに使われることがあります。Suppose it starts raining, what’ll we do?

Mind your table manners.(に注意する)
Mind your head; the doorway is low. (に気をつける)
I don’t mind if we stay longer. (を気にする)
Do you mind this cold weather? (をいやだと思う)
Would you mind if …? (・・・してもいいでしょうか)→答え方は日本語の「はい」「いいえ」と逆になります。
If you don’t mind, (もし、あなたが嫌でなければ)

He borrowed 1.000 yen from me. (I lent him 1.000 yen.)
「くまのプーさん」の例文では「・・・を無断で借りる(steal の婉曲語)」の意で使われており、プーさんは決して返す気はありません。


begin a new business:新しい商売を始める
She began to run / running.
School begins on September 1.

climb the ladder:はしごを登る
climb down from the roof:屋根から降りる
服・くつを苦労して着る・履く:climb into … (climb into a pair of boots)
東京タワーに上る:go up Tokyo Tower(手足は使わない)

(12)As Pooh leaned closer to the hole, the little branch he was clinging to began to bend.
The tower is leaning slightly.
He leaned forward to hear what she said.(bent)
He leaned against the tree.(rested)

The wet shirt clung to my shirt.(ぴったりくっついた)
The child clung to its father’s arm in fear.
権力(地位)にしがみつく:cling to power (a position)


bend am iron rod into a hoop
bend one’s elbow
The road bends to the left.
She bent down to pick up a coin on the floor.