(13)The more he leaned the more it bent, until he could almost reach the honey.

We reached the hotel at midnight. (got to / arrived atの方が口語的)
His e-mail reached me just now. (I received/got his e-mail just now.)
Can you reach the key on the top shelf?
She reached out for the book.(彼女は本を取ろうと手を伸ばした)

(14)He leaned just a little bit further when … CRACK! The branch snapped.

The branch snapped when he hung his bag on it.
The rope snapped.

(15)Pooh bounced from branch to branch, then BUMP! He landed headfirst in a bush!
The ball bounced over the net.(ボールははねてネットを越えた)
She was bouncing a ball on the sidewalk.

「land」の語源は「陸」。動詞では「上陸・着陸する」「上陸・着陸させる」の意。反対は「take off」。「touch down」でも同じ。
We are going to land at Narita in thirty minutes.
The boy sent flying into the air and landed 20 feet away.