(11) free of …
free of charge (無料の)
free of taxes (免税の)
She is free of debt. (彼女には借金がない)
It was several weeks before he was completely free of pain.(彼が痛みから完全に解放されるまでに数週間かかった)
Her face is always free of make-up. (彼女の顔にはいつも化粧気がない)
I’m free of him at last. (やっと彼と別れた)

(12) full of …
a glass full of water (水でいっぱいのグラス)
The field’s full of cattle. (野原は牛でいっぱいだ)
This book is full of useful information. (この本は役に立つ情報でいっぱいである)
Her heart was full of joy. (彼女の胸は喜びにあふれていた)

(13) guilty of …
She is guilty of stealing/a crime/murder. (彼女は窃盗の罪・犯罪・殺人罪を犯している)
I was guilty of forgetting her birthday. (私はうっかり彼女の誕生日を忘れていた)

(14) hard of hearing
Jack isn’t deaf, but he is very hard of hearing. (ジャックは耳が聞こえないわけではないが、非常に遠い)

(15) inconsiderate of …
He is inconsiderate of old people. (彼は老人に思いやりがない)
「it is inconsiderate of A to do」は「・・・するとはAは思いやりがない」の意になります。
It is inconsiderate of you to say such a thing. (そんなことを言うとは思いやりがない)