(6) familiar with …
I am quite familiar with this machine. (私はこの機械<の使い方>をよく知っている)
We are familiar with each other. (我々は互いに親しい間柄だ)
He is getting far too familiar with my wife. (彼は私の妻になれなれしすぎてきている)

(7) honest with …
Thank you for being so honest with me. (私に本当に正直に言って下さってありがとうございます)
I don’t believe that he was completely honest with me. (彼が私に対して完全に正直であるとは思っていない)

(8) identical with …
The voiceprints are identical with those of the suspect. (その声紋は容疑者のものと一致する)
The number on the card should be identical with the one on the cheque book. (カードの番号は小切手帳の番号と同じでなければならない)

(9) ill with …
She is ill with pneumonia. (彼女は肺炎にかかっている)
He is ill with a cold this week. (彼は今週は風邪にかかっている)

(10) impatient with …
The teacher was impatient with the students who forgot their homework. (先生は宿題を忘れた生徒に我慢できなかった)
Try not to be too impatient with her.(彼女にあんまりいらいらしないように努めなさい)