(76)take to …
He’d taken to shunning his old Army friends.

「take to …」はここでは「・・・が習慣になる」の意。

(77)hand and glove with …
It had accused her of murder! Any one could see with half an eye that the woman was as pious as could be - the kind that was hand and glove with parsons.

「hand and glove with …」は「・・・と親密で」。

(78)build on …
He’d been disappointed, he admitted.
“I hadn’t built on it, of course.

「build on …」は「・・・を当てにする」の意。

(79)hang back
Vera was a little ahead.
Lombard hung back slightly.

「hang back」は「人の後ろからのろのろとついて行く」の意。

(80)to begin with
“I’d want some proof. Motive, to begin with.”

「to begin with」は「最初に」。