「come home to …」

a home thrust (痛烈な攻撃・批判)
drive a nail home(釘をしっかり深く打ち付ける)
press a point home(論点を十分に強調する)
Her face shows that his words struck/hit home.(彼女の顔つきで彼の言葉が胸にこたえたことが分かる)

「ねらった所へずばりと、ぐさりと深く、急所をとらえて」は「into the correct position」と説明してある英英もあります。

「come home to somebody」は「to become completely clear to somebody, often in a way that is painful」の意の成句です。「It suddenly came home to him that he was never going to see Julie again.」「Because of the power failure, the inconvenience of the life without electricity came home to me.」。「come home to somebody」には「・・・に痛切に感じられる」という日本語が一番適していると思います。

But it was not until my experience of such cases as the Roger Parker murder that it came home to me just how much it means to people – and not only those directly concerned, but the public at large – to be cleansed of such encroaching wickedness.
(Kazuo Ishiguro: When We Were Orphans